Natural Radiation Survey and Analysis Research Unit




Natural Radiation Survey and Analysis Research Unit (NRSA-RU) provides onsite survey and waste management solution to the company having issues with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) and Technologically Enhanced NORM (TENORM).  

NRSA-RU offers array of NORM services, including survey, analysis, waste management planning and training. NRSA-RU will deliver cost-effective management solution for its clients to mitigate the risk of NORM/TENORM on their employees, the public and the environment. 

NRSA-RU ‘s goal is to assist its clients on maintaining their existing NORM programs, as well as developing the new program if needed. We provide various trainings for both field and office personnel, such as the overview of NORM hazards and the work safety around NORM at particular locations.

NRSA-RU has experience working with clients from the oil & gas, petrochemical, and ore and mineral processing sectors

Example of NORM Surveys and Activities: 

  • Walkover survey on on-shore oil and gas production facility (e.g. tubulars, wellheads, and abandons well)
  • In-process inspection of
    • vessels entries (boilers, bullets, separators, tanks and treaters)
    • pipeline pigging and decommissioning operations
    • refractory brick, slag, ore dressing, mining waste at mineral processing 
  • Offshore Rigs and Metal Salvage Facilities.
  • Radon / thoron and its progeny survey on site.
  • Environmental remediation
    • Radium/radon measurement in soil, ground and surface water
    • remove radium from contaminated water